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APRIL 7th, 2019

Sarah is back and ready to share her latest Soap Making Recipes with you! Join us for a special soap making class that is specifically designed with local and seasonal ingredients that will aid your skin through each season as it passes! This class is fun on your own or with a group of your favorite people! Seats are limited so reserve your spot soon! Ticket sales close on April 6th.

ESSENTIAL OILS: Hello healthy home

Saturday, march 23rd, 2019

Who knew that as you CLEAN your home with oils, you are benefitting your and your families' bodies in so many ways? We use them for all things cleaning and beyond, come learn how as we teach you about the many uses of essential oils for a healthier lifestyle!

Children Welcome (discounted price for children)

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Join us for our crowd favorite Spring Time English High Tea on April 6th at 2pm. We will be serving specially curated delicious treats and teas and will celebrate the day overlooking the lavender from the Keys Creek Patio. Children are welcome at half price and we offer a Gluten Free option for those that need it. Don't miss your chance to dine like a royal at our English High Tea.