Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

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Welcome to our farm.  We are a privately-owned working farm, please abide by the following rules and regulations to help us keep our farm and you safe. 

CHILDREN: under the age of 14 MUST be supervised by an adult or parent at all times 

STAY ON THE PATH: We are an organic certified farm, to help us continue to be organic we ask that you stay on paths and not enter our fields or rows.

NO DOGS (or pets of any kind): if he/she is a service animal (proper identification is required)

NO PICNICS:  We have limited shaded sitting areas and ask that be courteous in sharing these shady spots with other guests, you may get hungry and are allowed to bring in small bags of snacks but we ask that you don’t bring in a full meal as it can attract the wrong kind of pests and animals


NO LITTERING: Please respect our property and throw trash in the trash bins provided and recycle items in the recycle bins.

NO RUNNING: Our ground is uneven and has some rough terrain that may cause tripping and falls.

BEWARE OF NATURES DANGERS: Please be careful while walking our property, we live with many critters, some of them are harmful.  Animals you might encounter: rabbits, hawks, bees, rattlesnakes, coyotes and squirrels.  (If you are allergic to bees please have your own medication or Epi pen as we do not carry these items on hand.)

NO WANDERING: Please stay within our properties boundaries, we are surrounded by other privately owned land, so please respect our neighbors and do not wander up onto their property.

OUT-OF-BOUNDS:  Some areas are for invited guests and residents only, please respect our privacy and stay in public designated areas.

FAILURE TO FOLLOW OUR RULES AND REGULATIONS: before entering our property please read through all of our rules and regulations.  We have posted these signs at every entry point.  Not knowing our rules is not an excuse. We strive to make your visit as pleasurable as possible and only ask that you help us preserve this magical place for everyone.  Owner, or representatives of the farm, reserves the right to ask you to leave if any of these rules are NOT followed.  If you can NOT follow our rules we will consider you trespassing and may have to call local authorities, we would like to avoid if at all possible.