Our Family


Our Family

Here at Keys Creek Lavender Farm we are more than just a business, we are a family with one goal: to share our love of lavender, and our home.  We invite you to get to know our family and come and experience the magic of our farm.


Alicia Wolff


Alicia is originally from South Africa and has lived in Southern California since 1989. She has a background in Public Relations and Marketing. When she first saw The Lavender Fields in 2008, this down to earth Taurus felt an instant connection to the land. Her vision of having a healing sanctuary has become a reality, as she shares her heart and home with all who visit. Some of Alicia's passions include spending time with her grandchildren, community service, networking, cooking, painting, and event planning. You might even find her doing Angel Card Readings on the wrap-around farmhouse porch.




Evan is true to his Aquarius nature and uses his imaginative magic to bring his brilliant visions into reality. This California Surfer has an impeccable eye for detail and his ability to create sacred spaces and memorable experiences are truly miraculous! He has transformed Keys Creek Lavender Farm into a dream venue location, ideal for special events, intimate dinners, couples' getaways, photo shoots and more. Thanks to Evan, every experience our customers have at KCL Farm is a magical one.


Sarah Jones

Production Manager

Sarah Jones is an Herbalist, chef and long time friend of Alicia. She hails from England and refers to herself as β€œThe Garden Girl.” This green thumbed goddess is a Taurus that loves to spend time with her son Josh, have her hands in the soil and relax on the beach. She is the master mind of the production room and has codified the recipes for all of your favorite products. Her kindness, wisdom and organization help ensure that everything goes off without a hitch around the farm. You can catch her in the production room, tending to the lavender and teaching the occasional soap making class.

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Samantha Hopkins

Event planner & Administrator

Samantha is a free spirit with a passion for new experiences, imagination, education and family. She is an artist, crafter, astrology and certified Doula. She works with Keys Creek to create a seamless experience for all of our patrons and assists in many different areas through our online platforms. An Aquarius in almost every way, her innovative thinking is well blended with her love of history and tradition making her quick to find new ways to approach old problems and help in any situation she can. Her energy is kind, gentle and nurturing. She welcomes any and all questions with the goal of helping you achieve your desires!