Lavender Angels


Calling All Angels!!

This summer the lavender farm felt the effects of the drought, lost a few battles to the gophers, and we found out our soil is depleted of nutrients.  Due to this perfect storm of events, we have lost a large portion of our beautiful lavender.  This healing land has given so generously to us and those who have had the opportunity to heal on the sacred ground. 

Now, we are looking for Lavender Angels who are able to give of their time, talents and financial abundance so that we may continue to provide a space for its' healing.  We will have many opportunities for you to be a Lavender Angel so keep an eye out! Want to help right NOW?!  Become a part of the farm by purchasing a lavender bush to be planted into our fields for a donation starting at $30. 


We at Keys Creek want to make a special THANK YOU for those who have already made generous donations to our Lavender Farm. Here at Keys Creek, we are more than just a business, we are a family with one goal: to share our love of lavender, and our healing home. Alicia created this lavender wonderland in order to spread love of nature and the healing effects that being connected to nature can create! Because of your generous donation, we will be able to continue our work with lavender and create happy healthy land to share with you and those in our community for years to come. In our appreciation for what you have given to us, we will be planting lavender in your name here at our farm. You will be able to know that you have done your part to help save and maintain this wonderful place. Thank you again from the Keys Creek Lavender Farm Team;

Alicia, Zoe, Allison, Sarah, kat and Evan:

Sissi Fan

Geneveive Riber

Tammy Greenwood

Kirby Jonas

Valerie Jenkins

Tristan Holmes

Ed Piwowarski

Holly Swick

Lisa Hampton