Frequently Asked Questions about our Farm:

Who we are:

We are a Private Retreat and Event Location and offer Agritourism tours and education in the field of commercial organic small farming.  We educate people on the organic growing of lavender, the uses of essential oil and we host private workshops and events. With these essential oils, Keys Creek Lavender Farms produces many products available at our farm store and online.

What are your hours of operation?

Currently, we are open by appointment only. During our bloom season, from May-June, our office hours are Wednesday through Sunday from 10:00am – 3:00pm and are subject to change in accordance with scheduled private tours, events, workshops and retreats.

Is there an entrance fee?

There is no entrance fee. Weekend tours require an advance reservation and cost $15. Book a tour
Do you offer Private Tours?

Yes, for groups of 20 people or more, we offer Private Tours with a Lavender Docent that includes a 30 – 45 minute tour and advance reservations and a deposit are required. Book a tour

How much notice do we need to book a tour?

We require at least 72 hours advance notice to book a private tour.

Is there a fee for a Private Tour?

Yes, there is a fee of $15.00 per person for a private tour with a minimum of 20 people.

What if I just want to visit and not do a tour?
During our off season from July-April, we are busy updating the Farm and getting it ready for our bloom season, so visits are by appointment only. Please check our hours of operation for bloom season, from May-June.

Is there a Restaurant on site?

No, there is no restaurant on site, however box lunches, buffet lunches, and plated lunches can be arranged through our preferred vendors. Lavender lemonade, lavender water and other additional requests can be provided at an additional fee.

Can we take photos? 

Of course you may take photos for your personal use. Photo shoots need to be arranged in advance with our Special Events Coordinator.  Fee: $150/ hour with a two hour minimum.

Is there any cost for painters to come out and paint? 

We appreciate a donation you can make towards our support of the Honey Bee Colony Collapse. (Read about the Colony Collapse under our Information Tab on the Home Page for additional information on how you can help). Please make an appointment to visit.

How do I get to Keys Creek Lavender Farm? 

Be sure to use the map and directions provided on our website. GPS and any other navigational tool do not properly support our rural area. Click here for our map and directions.

When are the Lavender Fields in bloom? 

Our Peak Bloom Season is May and June of each year. We have over 2 dozen varieties of lavender. Each variety blooms at different times from May well into July. Weather plays an integral part in our bloom season, but anytime during May and June is a great time to visit. We have recently planted approximately 7,000 new plants which will reach maturity in 2017.

Do you have plants for sale? 

We have plants for sale in May and June near our Farm Store. Specific varieties may vary.

Do you offer Private Tours? 

Yes we do! Groups and Clubs can schedule a Private Tour with our Farm Docent. Tour add on options can include our fabulous organic Farm Lunches and Lavender Lemonade or Lavender Tea, workshops, cooking demonstrations and much more. (Additional fees apply). For specific information, email us at events@kclfarm.com.

Is there any cost for painters to come out and paint?

Yes, we love to have plein air painters come paint the fields! We kindly ask for a donation for our Bee campaign. Please make an appointment to visit.

When will you offer English High Teas this year?

We are currently scheduling our English High Teas.  Please check back for upcoming dates.

How much are your English High Teas?

Pricing for Adult English High Tea is $48.50

Pricing for Child English High Tea is $22.50 for ages 10 and under

Are reservations refundable?

Unfortunately, due to catering purposes, reservations are non-refundable.

When is the latest that I can reserve my seat for a tea?

We close our reservations on Wednesday prior to the tea date (at 10:00am)

What is the menu for the English High Tea?

The menu will be available on the web site when you schedule your tea.

How much are box lunches?

Box lunches can be provided, with advance reservations and a deposit, for groups of 20 people or more, at $16.00 per person.

What are my choices for a box lunch?

The menu will be provided via email when you make your reservation.

What if I only have 13 people?

The same amount will apply as if you had 20 people.

How much do you charge for meeting space?

Our fee is $150.00 per hour including tables and chairs two hour minimum.  Advance reservations and a deposit is required to hold your date.

Can I just show up for a tea or box lunch?

No, we do not have a restaurant on site.  Advance reservations and a deposit is required to hold your date.

What is Lavender Essential Oil used for?
Lavender is one of the most gentle and versatile essential oils. It is used in a wide array of skin and hair care products as well as pain relievers, cleaning products and more.

Lavender essential oil can bring clarity, peace of mind and emotional balance. It is frequently used to treat insomnia, depression, stress and worry.

Other uses:

  • Aching Muscles: Soak in a warm bath with Epsom salts and a few drops of lavender.
  • Acne: It inhibits the bacteria that cause skin infection and helps to rebalance the over-secretion of sebum. Add a couple of drops to your toner or face cream.
  • Cuts and burns: Apply neat to soothe pain, prevent bacterial infection and aid in scar free healing.
  • Earache: Warm a bottle of lavender oil in hot water, and then gently massage a few drops into the skin around the ear. A little olive oil can be mixed with a few drops of essential oil and used in the same way for babies and small children.
  • Fatigue: A few drops of essential oil added to a hot foot bath relaxes one instantly. The soles of the feet absorb the therapeutic properties of lavender very quickly, creating a soothing effect throughout the body.
  • Faintness: Create your own smelling salts with sea salt, lavender oil, peppermint oil and basil oil.
  • Moths: Hang lavender sachets on your coat hangers or keep them among your sweaters. Refresh them with a drop or two of essential oil from time to time.
  • Mosquitoes: Spray lavender water over your body to prevent bites, dab neat essential oil on a cotton ball and place on your window sill to repel insects from entering and if you have a bite, apply directly to soothe itching.
  • Stress: Spritz yourself throughout the day with Lavender water and apply neat oil to your temples.
  • Sunburn: Spray lavender water directly onto the skin to soothe the burn, or soak in a tepid bath with a few drops of pure essential oil added.


Additional Information: 

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**No dogs allowed, we love dogs but due to our organic status, we can not have dogs in the fields.