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Intimate Health Yoga Retreat

One-day, mini-retreat at the aromatic Lavender Farm just outside of San Diego.


The ultimate getaway for busy boss babes in Southern California! Take a day trip to reset your body, mind, and sexual energy!


We will practice 2 full yoga classes, one to strengthen the pelvic floor and bring increased awareness to this sensitive region of your body, the other to learn how to fully relax and release tension that causes pain in different areas of your life.One workshop will teach you how to use a Yoni egg to transform the muscles of your vagina. Disclaimer: you won’t be inserting it there! You’ll learn exercises and techniques to create your own ritual at home.

In another workshop you will relearn Sex Ed, focused on pleasure. Learn different types of orgasms and how to maximize your capacity to experience all these different sensations in your sex life!

You’ll also meet amazing people on incredible journeys to deepen their connection with themselves and others.

Sexual Health Education, Yoga Classes, plenty of time to relax and connect with amazing women in a gorgeous, tranquil setting. This is the ultimate day trip. You'll leave feeling refreshed, relaxed, and you get your very own rose quartz yoni egg to bring more awareness and control to your vagina and pelvic floor.