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Keys Creek Self Discovery Yoga Retreat

What it’s all about:

Find yourself living amongst the lavender during your weekend yoga retreat getaway. Fall asleep under the moon and stars in one of our glamping yurts and awaken with the sun as you roll out of bed and right onto your yoga mat. Our Self Discovery Course is specifically designed to introduce you to your highest self and show you your soul’s greatest potential. Fall in love with the beautiful self that you are as we take you on a journey of loving discovery. We will be incorporating several techniques including Yoga, Zodiac Mapping, Art Meditation and more, to help you dive deep into self-exploration. Along with the lessons you will learn here, we will be cultivating habits to take with you into your every day life!


On our first day, we will be unwinding and relaxing fully into the experience. We will start off with a deep meditation to discover our truest soul self. On this meditation journey, we will be giving our soul self a name which we will go by for the remainder of our stay. After our soul-self meditation we will be jumping right into a gratitude yoga practice. After yoga, we will be discussing conscious eating habits and how to incorporate meditation into our everyday lives with food! Afterwards we will put our lesson to practice with a delicious dinner together under the hanging lavender. For the remainder of the night we will be enjoying the company of each other at the pool or Jacuzzi.


Day two will be jam-packed full of amazing workshops! We will wake early at 6:30 and enjoy a morning yoga practice before we start our day. Afterwards we will enjoy our second conscious eating meal; breakfast. After breakfast, we will jump right into our Zodiac Maps! This will be quite a journey that we take together as we discover our inner personality, our emotions and our outward self (how we represent ourselves externally). This will give us great insight on our strengths and our weaknesses and how we can work with both to become self-loving masters. Our next activity will involve paints, a canvas and a creative mind. We will be diving back into our internal world and discovering a different aspect of ourselves. We will then paint our journey together! (Please note that you do not need to be an artist to create art. This is a wonderful activity for all, regardless of your painting experience.) We will be ending the day with a Yoga for Release Practice, a healthy and delicious dinner and a walking gratitude meditation amongst healing crystals.


On our final day, we will rise with the sun at 6:30 and hop right onto our mats. This will be our final yoga practice together so it will be a great one! We will be coming together and thinking about what self-love looks like to us as we journal together and discuss how we can cultivate these self-loving habits for the remainder of our lives! Breakfast will be our final meal together. The workshop for our final day will be one to never forget because it will be the start of our love for ourselves. We will be making a special Mala which will serve as a reminder of our time together and serve as a center point to remind you of how good it feels to be your own best friend and biggest fan. The Mala will be made with handpicked stones that will help cultivate a loving atmosphere for you no matter where you go in your life journey beyond the lavender farm.

We welcome you to a new chapter in your life as we take these steps together to harness the most powerful love you will ever know. There is no unconditional love like the love you can give yourself. Let’s find it together at Keys Creek Lavender farm. Take the first step on your journey and book your spot now! There are 12 beds available so don’t wait! Spots are very limited.

Want to be a part of this journey but can’t dedicate the whole weekend? Join us on Saturday for the day! Experience all the activities we will be working on during the day and into the night. Lunch and Dinner will be included (for weekender packages all meals will be provided to you; breakfast, lunch and dinner).

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