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Cultured Food Life

This one-day retreat takes you into the world of making and eating cultured foods. We combine an inspiring day of information with lessons on how to make our trio, The Trilogy: kefir, kombucha, and cultured vegetables. We’ll be serving a delicious cultured meal served with bubbly probiotic sodas and a view that can’t be beat. You’ll be taking home your own jar of cultured vegetables that will give you a starter for many more vegetables to come.

Your Teacher

Donna Schwenk has been making and eating cultured foods for fifteen years. She knows all the ins and outs of cultured foods, all the tips and tricks, and the simplest and fastest methods to give you the most success in making cultured foods.

Lunch will be served cultured style. This meal will be like no other you’ve ever experienced. Donna is serving recipes from her new book Cultured Food in a Jar (coming out Sept 26th, 2017). Be the first to try these delicious recipes with a Mexican flare. Try the fermented veggie dips, cultured guacamole, and fresh fermented salsa that will delight and surprise you, all the while feeding your healthy bacteria that create wellness from within. We’re going to wash it down with kefir soda and freshly picked lemon and orange water Frescas. Vegans and Paleo alike will all have options and we accommodate gluten free as well.

Have you heard about The Trilogy? Kefir, kombucha, and cultured veggies are three foods that can change your life and your body from the inside out. Donna will teach you all about these three powerful superfoods, and just how to make kefir and kombucha. You’ll get to make a jar of cultured vegetables in class to take home, and the brine can be used again to make even more cultured vegetables. Eating The Trilogy changes you from the inside out quite literally. Diverse and with many different strains of probiotics, eating The Trilogy will change your gut and then the rest of your body begins to shine! Handouts, recipes, and giveaways will be given out during class. All the while, you’ll be enjoying the setting and delicious probiotic cultured foods.

  • Three methods will be taught on how to make The Trilogy – kefir, kombucha and cultured veggies.
  • Handouts and recipes to take to help you make all these foods at home.
  • A delicious cultured food lunch that includes some of the new recipes from my bookcoming out in September.
  • You will make a jar of your own cultured veggies and receive an airlock jar that you can use again and again.
  • There will be prizes and giveaways, and I’ll have my products for sale at reduced prices.
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Later Event: November 19
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