A Lavender Infused Life

 A lavender infused life 


A Salon...

The historical definition of salon, according to dictionary.com, is "a meeting of intellectuals or other eminent people at the invitation of a celebrity or socialite."

We are inviting you to tap into your inner socialite, invite your intellectual friends and host a lavender salon, from the comfort of your own home, today!

At KCLF we are passionate about lavender and healing qualities it so generously provides, but sometimes coming all the way out to farm isn't an option.  That's why we have decided to bring the healing to you!

What to expect from a salon...

Our generous host (possibly you) will receive a free gift as a thank you for providing the space, and gathering your elite, group of friends.  We will provide all class materials, product samples and demos. You will be offered the opportunity to experience an array of KCLF products.  We will discuss simple ways to incorporate lavender, essential oils, and KCLF products into your health and wellness routine.  We will bring a limited amount of product for purchase.  All other orders, placed during the salon, unable to be filled from available product, will receive free shipping.  We will happily customize any salon to your interests.  

For more information or to book your Lavender Salon, today, email us at info@kclfarm.com.